Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Leaving Town

Oh, my goodness. It's more work to get ready to go on vacation than it's worth!

I am slightly embarrassed to tell you that I had to pay a fine for a seat belt ticket I received last year. As I was in the hospital the first part of March, I didn't get to DMV to renew my driver license yet because my license expired on my March 7 birthday (keep that on your calendar!). So, yesterday I went and paid the fine at the courthouse. Paid extra for them to expedite the release so I could get my license renewed the same day. Went to DMV, filled out all the paperwork, went up to the counter to get it all completed. The man looks it over, looks at me and said, "You know you have to take the written test this year, right?" You should have seen the look on my face! I didn't have time to study. I just went over to the next line, got the test and marked it as best as I could. Glory be.....I got 100%. Wow, what a relief.

Just so you know, and you can't tell anybody this. I may be the only person you know who has been cited for a seat belt violation and ticket in two countries. Several years ago, I even got a seat belt ticket in Costa Rica. Paid the cop $20 and it was taken care of on the spot.

Anyway, Sondra and I leave tomorrow heading to Shawnee, Oklahoma. This weekend is the family reunion for the Bergeron clan of the Potawatomi tribe. My mother is from the lineage of the Bergerons. Our tribal headquarters happen to be in Shawnee also, so it will be a grand affair the whole weekend.

Sondra is finishing up her school year and teaching career tomorrow as well. She is stressing over what to keep, what to throw away, how to get it all done.

I went today and rented a car. It's a Kia Spectra and it's supposed to get good gas mileage. It better, with the price of gas around here. We rented a car because we do not want a repeat of our Christmas trip fiasco with the Malibu dying on us in New Mexico. So, that is taken care of.

Now, it's the work of getting the clothes washed, dried and bags packed. Oh, well, we'll get it done.


  1. Yo Galen
    We are out trying to change the world! Oow!
    ...Jan/Feb We led Aborigines to JC in Australia
    ...March Had a Mexico Outreach and starting a Fellowship there.
    ...April We spoke at 52 High Schools and saw 9,925 teens set free by JC. Plus a kid named Rich set free from suicide! Oow! Now THAT is what JC is all about!!
    ...June A couple hundred were born a 2nd time by JC at Mexico Outreach.
    ...Aug/Sept we plan to conduct Outreaches in Pakistan before 200,000 people! Oow!
    We are not special, all Christians are COMMANDED "Go and make disaciples of ALL nations."[Mt.28:19]
    We love JC or we don't! We obey or disobey! No excuses!


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  3. I am glad you rented a car. Definitely dont want the same thing happening. And it is so hot out. Enjoy your trip, it is much well deserved for the both of you! Traveling grace your way!!


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