Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just Starting A Blog

This is very interesting to start something new. I have never blogged before, never intended to blog, never had a desire to blog. But, then, I began reading the blogs of others and it was indeed fun to keep up with the simple things of life that happen to family and friends. When it takes too long to email or phone everyone, this takes a few minutes to keep everyone up to date.

So, I will make this one short. It's my beginning.

When I haved worked with parolees in the Christian setting these past years, it is always great to talk about "second chances" and new beginnings. New starts help us re-evaluate old habits and also help us look at various things in life with a different perspective. Some things we will discard, such as bad habits or false opinions or unhealthy lifestyles. Some things we will embrace and often we may reacquaint our minds and hearts to be more focused and to be more attuned to the precious aspects of life.

Since my heart attack and bypass surgery several months ago, it gave me pause to think of many things in a fresh and new light. There are truths that impact us again. Today is all we have. There is no guarantee for tomorrow. More than ever, I now take each day with a sense of joy and excitement about its possibilities.

I talk to some whose outlook on life is gloomy and depressing. That is no way to live. Some ask me if life is even worth living, seeing the dreadful economy and the struggles in faraway nations.

The answer is a resounding "yes." Yes. Yes. Yes! I wouldn't trade my life in Jesus for any amount of money, prestige, power or looks (even though I have this last one covered...ha ha). The peace that I have each day, the satisfaction that I possess and express, the fun that life brings each moment. These are what makes life worthwhile. I love it!

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