Friday, November 27, 2009

List of Ten Plus Thanksgiving Photos

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with all our kids (and grandkid) who live here in California.

One fun development, though, was receiving some emails from our nine-year old grandson Jace who lives in Oklahoma.  He has just acquired an email address a couple of days ago and wrote his first email to me.  We exchanged several emails through the past days, and in one of them we talked about the meaning of Thanksgiving.  I specifically asked him if he would send me a list of ten things that he is thankful for.

Here is Jace's list:
1.  Jesus dying on the cross
2.  Thanksgiving
3.  Christmas
4.  Easter
5.  life
6.  food
7.  water
8.  air
9.  shelter
10. family and friends

I wish everyone had a list like that to share with others.  I truly am blessed to have joy in this life and joy even beyond into eternal life.  My grandson has that joy too!

Here is a picture of Jace and Kylee (our grandchildren in Shawnee, Oklahoma) taken yesterday.

Crystal, Bailey (7 months), and Shawn

Evan holding Bailey

Sondra and Me

One last comment and I'm done for now.  Jace even joined my Blog "follower" list and posted his photo too.  His dad (Jason) is teaching him quite a bit about computers and such.

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