Friday, November 6, 2009

What If You Are Wrong

I recently watched a YouTube video in which Richard Dawkins was asked very politely by a young lady (who I assume is a college student) at a university, "What if you're wrong?"  Dawkins is one of the most vocal and visible atheists who goes around the country expounding his views.  He is author of the book The God Delusion.  So, I too, ask you Richard Dawkins, what if you are wrong about Jesus and the need for eternal salvation through Him?

I was interested in Dawkin's response.

He never answered the question.  He deflected the question to make the questioner feel that she was a Christian simply because of the culture she grew up in.  That is Dawkins' first fallacy.  Christianity is a major influence for religious beliefs in America, to be sure, but being an American does not make a person follow Christianity.

In this same vein of thinking, he would equate Arabs always being Muslim, Asians being Buddhists, East Indians are Hindus, and so forth.  That takes away any free thinking of individuals in any society, if you agree with that line of thought.  I disagree, as I have traveled the world and have seen throngs who do not follow the religion of others in their society.

Dawkins also posed the question back to the questioner:  "And what if you're wrong?"  But because of the format of the forum, she was not given a chance to answer.  He wanted his question to hang in the air, to make it seem authoritative and unanswerable.  That does not work, as it shows a lack of willingness to hear a response that could potentially deflate his answers.

You see, the atheist has no answer that is satisfactory to one who looks at the question with honesty.  Dawkins answer left the impression of:  "So what if I'm wrong, because what if you're wrong too?"  It implies that it is okay to be wrong.  But that leaves out any consequences of being wrong.  What are the consequences of being wrong?  Look at the following, with that in mind.

If the atheist is right and there is no God, then he dies and loses nothing.
If the atheist is wrong about God and Jesus, then he dies and loses all in the eternity to come.

If the Christian is wrong and dies, he loses nothing.
If the Christian is right and dies, he loses nothing and gains everything that God has promised.

Do you see the difference?  The atheist can never win, but can only lose.  The Christian can never lose, but only stands to win.

In philosophical and theological terms, this is the greatest gamble for every human.  What does your faith system risk?  In secular terms, the atheist has a 50-50 chance of losing nothing.  The Christian has a zero percent chance of losing at all.  What kind of gamble are you willing to take in terms of eternity?  My mind is set, I have given Jesus my all and trust Him with my eternity.

The atheist will rarely admit that there is a chance that they are wrong.  They cannot answer the consequences of being wrong.  Atheism is philosophical, Christianity is experiential.  There is no comparison between the two.

This is nothing new.  The greatest of philosophers in ages past came up with this logic and belief analysis.  So, I will plant my life with the great saints of old.  Doubters and scoffers have come and gone, but God's Word stands the test.  God can fight his own battles, and he doesn't need my little mind to try and convince anyone.

I challenge anyone to prove to me there is no God.  Convince me.  Show me there is a better way to peace and joy and satisfaction in life without a belief in God.  Show me another way to live that calms the heart and gives final hope for eternity, other than living for Jesus.  Show me!  I challenge you.


  1. Amen... and Amen!!!

  2. I've never understood why someone would be willing to risk their eternity by unbelief! Be it pride, or unwillingness to repent, or arrogance? How could a person be so full of their own self when they are NOT the one who breathed the breath of life into their nostriles? That they continue to breathe with absolutely no control over when it will be their last? Just does not make sense to me. Rather the fact that this world is SO could someone be satisfied believing this is all there is? No pastor something so great inside the human spirit cries out "eternity"! from birth on, and the beauty of all creation cries out to it's maker! you eloquently asked in challenge for someone to show you a life with more peace and joy than the one we find in Christ...we'll see if you get a response but I believe that there won't be one because that's probably why the atheist always seems to be on the defensive.
    Love to you,
    Rebecca Hawkins