Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Warm Weather

The weather yesterday in the Los Angeles area was in the 80s.  It has been quite pleasant around here in the past days.  When we left Oklahoma, it was 26 degrees with snow all over the place.  We made sure to stay inside with the heater and fireplace going at Jason's house while in Shawnee.

Tonight and tomorrow, we are to have sprinkles and showers.  We need the rain, so I am looking forward to it.  If I want snow, I only need to drive about an hour up to Big Bear and enjoy it for a while and then come home.

Last Wednesday, I gave a devotional at the Coronado Stone manufacturing plant.  This coming Thursday, I will again go out there and share a short message from the Bible.  It is rewarding to stand next to those who are working hard in a tough environment, as they take their break time to come and listen and receive the Scriptural lesson for the day.  What a joy for me, every time.

Last Saturday was a day of preparation and errands.  Sunday was an exceptional day of worship.  It just seemed to be one of those days in which the presence of God was felt by all.  I preached on having a New Year's resolution, but having one with a plan.  The plan is to be useful for the sake of the Kingdom and to be purposeful in touching at least one person's life this year in a significant way.  A young Chinese lady in the church gave a testimony of her recent trip to China to lead a group of Communist officials on a tour of the U.K.  She was able to share about God in a very unique way, as she would talk about history and architecture throughout the days of sightseeing.  She would talk about the churches, the crosses, the history of Christianity being born in the Orient (Jerusalem and the Middle Eastern area).  They were amazed at her understanding and knowledge.

On Sunday night, Sondra and I met with a couple from another church about 30 miles away.  They have been involved in presenting the series titled "The Truth Project."  We made plans for them to come next month and share this 13-week series about the worldview that we as Christians need to teach, as it is the foundation of our beliefs and theology.

Yesterday (Monday), I went in to work for the Census Bureau for the first full day of employment after my training last week.  I worked from 3 pm to 8 pm, as I have been assigned with a few others to work the evening shift.  It is calm and quiet, so we can get a lot done without interruptions.  My job is to do data entry on the computer, doing input of applicant's information and payroll hours and then doing some needed filing.

Last night after work, Sondra and I went to the 24 Hour Fitness to work out.  I had not been since before Thanksgiving.  And it showed, as I stepped on to the scales to weigh.  I have a big job ahead of me, to lose some serious weight.  I also went this morning with my brother Roger, meeting him there at 7 am to work out again.

So, I must go now, take a shower and eat my oatmeal and wheat toast.

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