Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Missionaries, Grandbaby, Work and The Truth Project

These past days have been eventful and interesting.

Last week, I was wondering how I was going to juggle my work schedule and fit in my church pastoral obligations.  When I was hired by the US Census Bureau office in Riverside, I assumed I would be working day shift and therefore would be available for Wednesday evening Bible study at church.  And not only that, but how I was to pursue other ministry involvement as well for things that occur during the evening hours.

Since we were planning a very special series on Wednesday nights, I approached the supervisor in my area of the office and asked to take off from work every Wednesday at 6:30 pm (giving me ample time to be at the church by 7 pm).  She got back to me several hours later and said yes.  Then, the next day the same supervisor came to me and asked me to consider something else.  They had a position open in another department that would be day shift and full time (40 hours a week), as I was only scheduled for 30 hours a week on evening shift (3-8pm) Monday-Saturday.  I did not hesistate to say yes.

The very next day I was on the day shift and working full time for these weeks coming up for the decennial census (which means it is a counting of the population every 10 years).  God made a way for me in this!

On Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, we took care of little Bailey (who is now 9 months old).  She is such a blessing and a joy to take care of.  I think if I spoil her enough, she will love me more than anyone else.....ha ha!  Anyway, it was a fun time having her overnight for 2 nights.

On Saturday night, we were thrilled to have some friends from our San Diego pastorate days over for dinner.  Burt and Suzanne Schmitz are now missionaries to Senegal, West Africa.  They previously served in Togo and adopted two babies.  Those babies, Rebekah and Joshua, are now 6 and 5 years old, respectively.  Their dark black skin is in great contrast to the pale white skin of their new-found parents.  They were such fun.  And they (the kids) treated Bailey as if she were some wonderful toy to play with.  Crawling on the floor, helping her to walk with their help, and getting to play with her toys was a sight to see.

On Sunday morning, the Schmitz family shared what God is doing in that back bush area that they are living in to plant a witness and help families find peace and fulfillment in a land of great poverty and darkness.  Afterwards, we all went to California Baptist University and shared a time of fellowship and meal together in the Dining Commons cafeteria.

Tonight during our Wednesday time at church, Darrell and Melissa Smith (from First Baptist Church in Yucaipa) came to assist in leading our church in a 13-week study called "The Truth Project."  It is an awesome teaching program that explores the worldview of believers and non-believers.  I am greatly excited about this and will share more later.  I hope you will delve into this discussion and understanding with me in the weeks to come.

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