Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thomas Paine

Unless I find someone who is willing to further discuss, this will be my last blog concerning atheism as I have not had a discussion by blogging.  I make a case for my faith through my thoughts and peculiar style of logic and faith.

However, the discussion from the side of the "freethinkers" seems to be a parroting of others.  I have not seen any personal thoughts, only just the writings of others.  Thomas Paine, for example, was quoted by one of my friends who is a "freethinker."  Who cares?  Thomas Paine was a man of intellect and passion, and he even applied to become an ordained minister of the Church of England.  But, somewhere along the way, he said that he felt that "my mind is my church."  How sad.  What a small church.

Yes, he helped in some way in the American Revolution with his writings, specifically Common Sense.  But that is not the measure of a man.  History reports that, at his death, six people were there for the funeral.  What a tragic end to someone with so much promise and potential.

So, alas, I once again (and maybe for the last time) challenge others from differing views to answer this one question:  "From where do you get your definition of good?"  So far, no one has offered their own personal and genuine ideas and deep thoughts on this subject to me.

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