Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girlfriend, Church and Work

Evan and Callie.
Yes, Evan has a special friend.  He is an interesting son, to say the least.  He has had tons of friends, both guys and gals, and has never been lacking in the area of social life.  But, he never has seemed to find the one to have a special relationship with for enduring lengths of time.  And now, there is someone.  Her name is Callie.  She is a very sweet girl that we like a lot.  She has a strong background in church fellowship with her parents, has a good job and just bought a house.  We'll see what the future holds.

At church this past Sunday, we had a group from California Baptist University come.  They are a singing group named Promise, a group of nine individuals which make up a mixed singing ensemble that goes to many churches and community events to share their faith through concerts.  They were awesome.  I have had many groups come to my churches and sing, but this group of college students was the best by far.  Their voices, their demeanor, their testimonies, their personalities were all exciting to see.  We took them all to lunch afterwards, to a Mexican restaurant nearby.  It was great.

Sunday evening, I spent some time with the ones in the church who have felt called to ministry.  There are many in our church who have come forward to follow God's leading to serve in different capacities of ministry.  Once a month, I meet with them to continue the process of training and encouragement as they grow in their call.

Late Sunday night, Sondra and I went to 24 Hour Fitness to work out.  A young man walked by, looked at me and said, "Pastor Galen?"  I looked up and saw a young man named Gideon, whom I had known for a couple of years, trying to help him overcome some addiction problems as he attended our church.  He was all smiles, introduced me to his brother who had just taken him to church nearby.  He has since moved to the upper desert area and is doing well.  Our prayers and love and time spent with others pay off, and sometimes we are blessed to see it happen!

This morning I did a Devotion Time at the Coronado Stone Manufacturing plant again.  I spoke on the "storms of life" that we may encounter.  The bottom line is this:  It's not about the storms of life and our challenges, it's about Jesus who stands with us through the storms and brings peace.

This week has been a busier week at the US Census Bureau office.  I am enjoying learning the different pieces of the puzzle as we take the census in America this year.  It is mind-boggling how many intricate details have to be logistically in place for it to happen.  I am but a small cog in this amazing machine!

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