Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunday Sermon

I am blessed to have a job and a church and a wonderful family.  But I wish I had more time.  We all have the same amount of time in a day, indeed we all have 24 hours.  However, we must be careful with our time to make the most of it.  That's what is called "stewardship."  I fight the battle of time ever so much.

Last Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday, and naturally it meant that there was going to be a battle between two football teams to determine a champion.  I used that theme for my sermon.  We are in a battle for the sake of eternity.  We will have many challenges and tough times here on earth in preparation for our eternal home in heaven.

From 2 Chronicles 20, we find the battle between Judah and the opposing nations of Ammon and Moab.  The king of Judah (the Israelites) was Jehoshaphat, one who found favor with God.  Five important statements are found here.  (1) The battle is not yours, it is God's.  (2) Go and face the enemy with confidence.  (3) Be ready, be still and be watching.  (4) Fear not, never be afraid.  (5) Take time to submit to God in worship and praise.

We all face times of battle.  We call them spiritual warfare, testing, challenges and the "storms of life."  In the midst of the storms, we learn much.  (1) We learn the most about the spiritual realm during these times.  (2) We learn that God always shows up on time, never too early or too late.  (3) We realize that this is NOT the only storm we will ever face, as there will be more to come.  (4) The seven words that matter are the words Jesus said to his disciples:  "It is I, do not be afraid!"

To face the storms and difficulties, we must prepare.  Our spiritual preparation is threefold.  (1) Check out your spiritual passion.  Live the life of faith and love for God.  (2) Check up on your spiritual disciplines.  When prayer, Bible study, fellowship, giving, ministry, evangelism are missing, we fail and falter.  (3) Check in with your spiritual foundations.  Take time to be accountable not only to God above, but also to those who are spiritually mature in the faith and by knowing the Scriptures.

Some are in the storms of life, the battle that rages, even now.  We are victorious through Christ.  What a joy!

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