Friday, February 12, 2010

Homecoming Weekend

Tomorrow is Friday.  I start the day with a memorial service for a man who passed away recently.  My name was given to the family, and so I have been asked to lead the service at the Veterans Cemetery in Riverside.

In the afternoon, I will attend the Alumni Association meeting at California Baptist University in Riverside.  Tomorrow starts the two-day celebration of Homecoming weekend.  I have been the chairman for the alumni homecoming committee this past year.  This promises to be a wonderful time, as we not only welcome back the alumni for the Homecoming basketball game and all the activities, but also for the 60th year anniversary of the college (now a university).

Later in the day, we will have the annual Homecoming chapel service, with Dr. Henry Blackaby preaching.  He is well-known for his study entitled "Experiencing God," a tremendous 13-week series on finding a greater awareness of joining up with God in his (God's) divine plans.

At the close of the day, we will have an Alumni Dinner, with the annual awards to various individuals who merit recognition.  I will speak about Jim Murcray, my friend who recently passed on, as he is being awarded the Lancer Medal posthumously.  At the close of the dinner, I have been asked to close the time with the Prayer of Benediction.

On Saturday, I will be working the afternoon hours by coordinating the Christian artists and bands who will be singing on the stage during the Homecoming festivities.  I am excited to meet some of these individuals who are becoming more popular in the Christian music scene.

And then, there is Sunday which is Valentine's Day.  My sermon, of course, will touch on the subject of love and passion.  We must not only love our spouses, but also our dear family and friends and other loved ones.  But, most important, no love is real until we have experience true divine love from our great Lord above.  What love we know and are able to share with a world in need.

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