Saturday, January 9, 2010

Week of Training

I just finished my first week of working with the U.S. Census Bureau.  Several weeks ago, I took tests with my application to work the 2010 Census and did quite well.  While on my trip to Oklahoma and back, I received a call asking me if I was still interested in working with the Census.

I said yes, and so I was given the dates and times of training.  So, this past Tuesday through Friday, I went to the U.S. Census office in Riverside for 8 hours of training each day.  I will be working in the main office of Riverside county, doing computer input for applicants, new hires and then payroll.

I just found out that those who trained in my section will be working the evening shift.  Next week I work from 3 pm to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday.  When things pick up, my shift will be 11:30 am to 8 pm.  The major time for canvassing and house interviews is March, April and May.

I am fully familiar with doing computer input as I have worked in payroll at Bechtel, as well as Human Resources and Purchasing at Coronado Stone.  It is just a matter of getting familiar with the little ways that the government does it, specifically how the Census bureau wants it done.

Actually, it was kind of fun.  Got to meet a lot of different people doing something for lower pay than usual.  But this economy has forced many who are highly qualified to search for any work right now.

Some are getting to know that I am a pastor too.  That will be interesting for the days ahead.

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