Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

Here are some photos from today, March 7:

(1)   Bailey at the Ontario Reign minor league hockey game.
(2)   Evan and Callie.
(3)   Shawn, Crystal and Bailey.
(4)   Birthday cake and presents.
(5)   Family photo after church worship service today.

It's kind of a strange feeling for me.  I always thought of being 60 years old as being very aged and kind of at the twilight of life.  That's before I turned 60 today!  Now, for sure, it's just a number!  (Chuckle)

Friday after work, some friends invited us to dinner at Hometown Buffet and said it would be their treat, as it was my birthday week -- Kaye and Myles Freeman were gracious and we had an enjoyable time.

On Saturday morning, Jim Lunak asked if he could take me to breakfast.  I said "sure."  Free meals I never turn down!  We went to Farmer Boys restaurant down the street and I had an egg and sausage breakfast.

I got all my items done and ready for Sunday church, being finished by early Saturday afternoon.  So, Saturday afternoon Sondra and I went to a little "hole in the wall" barbecue place called HotLanta in west Riverside.  We wanted something very light as we were saving our appetite for dinner.  For this "snack" we got some wings and potato salad and onion rings.

Saturday evening, Sondra took me to dinner but first asked where I would want to go.  I looked online and found Fleming's nearby in Rancho Cucamonga.  Fleming's is a very upscale restaurant with prices to match.  However, they were having a special on a two-person three-course meal with filet mignon and lobster (for each person) as the main course.  It was too gourmet for me, but it was an interesting experience for a special occasion.  They brought me a fancy box of four handmade chocolates when they found out it was my birthday dinner.

Sunday was a different day at church, as I wore my running suit to preach in.  I did it as a reminder to me and the church that exactly a year ago I was in church after 25 days in the hospital following three-way bypass heart surgery.  A year ago, I came to church in my running suit so I would not cause any physical problems that would hinder the healing process of my wounds.  It's amazing how the body heals and how good I feel a year later.

The church sang "Happy Birthday" to me, gave me three different birthday cards and then a big cake with "Happy Birthday" inscribed on the top.

After church, Shawn and Crystal (and Bailey) along with Evan and Callie met us at the Islamadora Fish Market Restaurant connected to the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga.  I ordered lobster again, as they had a special dinner of two lobster tails for $36.  It was so good.  Unfortunately, they are a restaurant that does not give a free dessert to a birthday sad.....ha ha.

We went to Shawn and Crystal's house to rest for a couple of hours (napping) and then went to a minor league hockey game.  Our home team here is the Ontario Reign and they were playing the Las Vegas Wranglers.  Again, the kids joined us for a great time at the game.  It was so much fun and rather exciting at times.  Sadly, the Reign lost in overtime.  Oh, well, we had a wonderful time.

I got many phone calls from family (mom and Noel and Roger) and friends, wishing me well on my 60th birthday.  I also received some personal cards (Marti and others) and emails and texts and Facebook messages (from John and many others).  Jason even texted and said that the Potawatomi tribe's vice-chairman (Linda Capps) wished me a "Happy Birthday" as well.....Jason, the tribal chairman (Rocky Barrett) and vice-chairman were returning home this afternoon to Oklahoma from a quick trip to a regional meeting in Las Vegas.

This has been quite a weekend, one I shall not forget because it was both momentous and special.  Thanks to all who made it wonderful!


  1. I thought you might enjoy Kevin's reply to me when I told him that my Uncle Galen was turning 60.
    He said, "Galen? 60? No way? That is unbelievable.

    Glad you had a great birthday.

  2. Hey, I knew Kevin was the smart one! Thanks from your "favorite" Uncle Galen.