Monday, March 29, 2010

Spending Spree

No, not a spending spree on fun and toys.

Let's talk about our situation.  Several months ago, our dryer went out, so we are using Evan's from when he had his own place (and it has been in storage).  Then, our refrigerator went out a couple weeks ago, and Shawn and Crystal let us borrow their extra fridge which was in their garage.  Then, last Thursday the washer went out.

Saturday evening, we took a little shopping trip over to Lowe's.  We had a 10% off coupon, and Sondra was just approved for credit there.  As we drove, we discussed our choices and decided to get only a washer for the time being.

To make a long story short, we ended up looking at washers and picking one out.  Then, to have the dryer to match, we made that selection.  Before we left, we ambled over by the refrigerators and found one we liked.  Sondra talked and talked to the salesman about discounts and holiday deals and such.  The salesman was friendly and wanted to help us, so he contacted his manager.  She approved a 20% discount on the complete sale of the three items.

We got a deal.  We are scheduled to have them delivered tomorrow (Tuesday).  Sondra is happy.  I guess I'm happy too.....ha ha.

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