Saturday, March 27, 2010


I just finished doing our taxes, and also doing taxes for our son Evan.  He hates filling out forms.  It is much easier for me, anyway.  Thankfully, we are receiving a some refund this year.  We sure need it!  Now our washing machine just went out yesterday.  We have had little trouble in the past years, so it is time.  We get old, and our household items get old too!  They wear out just like we do.....ha ha.

This tax season reminds me of an old cartoon I saw in a paper many years ago.  It showed a little wimpy salesman in a Dallas bar.  He was being held up by his shoulders with his feet off the ground, being lifted high by a big, burly, mean-faced cowboy with boots and buckle and all.  The caption under the cartoon box was the words of the salesman protesting loudly:  "I said, 'I hate taxes!'"  If I have to explain this to you, it's not funny anymore.

Last Tuesday, we had a good visit with David and Charity (and Hayden and the twins - Josiah and Gideon).  We got to see their new home they moved into last August.  It's a very cute house not too far from Cal Baptist.  We ate pizza and had a nice time with them.  Wow, I can just imagine how tiring David and Charity can get, with a two year old and new twins!  They seem to be managing well, however.  Charity is not teaching now, being a full-time mom.

Wednesday evening our church service was Week Seven of the Truth Project.  The topic was sociology and God's plan for the family and society.  It was a very powerful and moving presentation.  Most of the time, a DVD is very informative and using the teaching method of sharing.  This time, the teaching was more in the mode of preaching and expository language.  Excellent night.

At work, we are gearing up for more work and the processing of thousands of forms for the Census.  It is now becoming a very busy time.  I continue to share my faith and life story with many of my co-workers, and it has been an awesome time of being in the workplace.

Last night, we went out to Benihana's restaurant nearby.  I am continuing to get free offers from places that I registered for when it was my birthday earlier this month.  Benihana's gave me a coupon for $30 off my meal, so me and Sondra and Bailey (Shawn and Crystal were having company over) and also Alden went to eat.  Bailey thought is was fun to watch the chef cook in front of us on his grill.  Towards the end of the meal, a lady stopped by and tapped me on the shoulder.  He looked at me and said, "Pastor Galen, I just wanted to say hi.  My name is Sonia and I used to work at Coronado.  I want to introduce you to my husband, as we just got married today."  It still amazes me how the web of relationships continues even in the most unlikely places and times.

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