Monday, February 7, 2011

Taking Care of the Sick

Last week I was quite tired from the Tenth Anniversary preparations and celebration for our church, so the first days of the week I was rather laid back and got some much-needed rest.

On Monday, though, I took my pastor friend George Nelson to the Emergency Room at the VA Hospital in the nearby town of Loma Linda.  He has had some problems with breathing and fatigue and coughing, so they checked him out and found some lung infection had set in.  They prescribed some antibiotics and told him to get rest.  George is one of our church planters sent out from The Vision Plus Church to start a church in the Chatsworth area of Los Angeles.  He has no one there to assist him and take care of him, so we told him to stay here with us until he was well enough to go back to L.A.

He has been slowly recovering and regaining his strength, and he has been blessed to be able to stay with us during these days.  He will stay through tomorrow and then leave on Wednesday morning to go back to Chatsworth.

This past Saturday I received a call from our Music Minister (Dan), who is a truck driver for a concrete company.  They were having a pour at a site scheduled Saturday midnight that would last well into Sunday morning.  Dan called me to alert me that he would not be in church on Sunday, due to that work load required for his driving job. 

So, as God would have it, I attended a monthly pastors' meeting at our Baptist association office on Saturday as well.  A man there talked about his Wednesday ministry and his style of leading praise worship with his guitar.  I spoke to this pastor (John) afterwards to see if he was available on Sunday to help us, if he was not involved in another church on Sunday mornings.  He was available, contacted his Praise Worship leader (Kelly) for their new ministry and subsequently they both came to lead us in music yesterday (Sunday) morning.

They were such a blessing and had such awesome testimonies to God's grace and redemption.  It is no surprise how God weaves his hand into our lives to bring individuals together at such times.  I realized how God had brought us together on such a Saturday morning for us to serve and proclaim the goodness of God on the following day.  It was amazing.

Yesterday afternoon, we relaxed and watched the Super Bowl game mainly to see the new commercials.  It was fun, and wse really did not care who won.

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