Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Week Gone By

Time seems to zoom at a higher speed than normal,  It's hard to believe that July is quickly going to be history.

Last Sunday was a good day.  The attendance was a little lower but the spirit of the worship was wonderful.  We have a church where ones can lead in the music worship time, even though they are not the best of singers and musicians.  We even had a new young man (a youth) on the sound board for the very first time.  It gave him a sense of worth and belonging with us.

David went to church in Fontana to hear Roger preach, as Roger is the Executive Pastor there and does not preach every Sunday.  The senior pastor is on vacation, and therefore Roger will be preaching for these two Sundays.  After church, we met up with David and Roger and Julie at Cal Baptist for the Sunday brunch in the Dining Commons there.  It is always good.  David ended his meal with his own kind of dessert - a waffle with a topping of strawberries, then whipped cream and then cherries!  He said it was delicious.

This past Tuesday was Shawn's birthday, as he turned 34.  Crystal wanted us to go to dinner with them, so we did.  Sondra, Alden, David and I joined Crystal, Shawn and Bailey for dinner at a place in Claremont called Casablanca, a Mediterranean restaurant.  It was awesome.  For appetizers, we ordered it all - hummus, pita bread, falafel, grape leaves and cheese pies.  For entrees, I had a filet mignon shish kabob, as well as a lamb shish kabob.  There was rice and vegetables on the side.  It was so good and tasty.  We will go back some time soon.  We ordered just a few baklavas for dessert.

After dinner, we went back to Shawn and Crystal's for more dessert and gifts.  Sondra had made a homemade German chocolate cake, and we had ice cream too.  It is always fun to watch someone open their gifts on special occasions, and this was a fun night.

Wednesday was church, and I am continuing to lead a study from Proverbs chapter three.  It is a wonderful chapter that calls us to live according to God's ways.  On Thursday evening, I led a Bible study at the ladies' Sober Living House that is close to the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside.  The women who attend this study are just like sponges who want to learn and grow and ask questions.  It is quite satisfying to share with them.  Sondra goes with me, and they really enjoy talking to her.

Last night, Sonda and Alden and I went to the Black Angus restaurant with a coupon.  For about $15 each, we could order a triple entree meal - top sirloin, baby back ribs and fried shrimp.  Oh, so good.

This has been the first full week for me to use my sleep machine every night.  I have not noticed too much diifference in my level of "tiredness" yet, but am told it takes a few weeks to feel better with it.  It has not been too much trouble to get used to wearing a breathing apparatus at night.  It makes iit hard to talk and kiss (ha ha).  Anyway, I am only getting about 5 hours sleep at night, due to early work hours, so we will see what difference it makes when I can get a full 8 hours sleep sometime soon!

Well, I go to work again today (Saturday).  David went with Roger yesterday afternnon up to the mountains near Big Bear.  Roger has a popup tent trailer that they were going to spend the night in.  I was invited but there was too much going on with church and work for this weekend.  I'll do it with them the next time.

Our cousin, Jimmy, died this week in Poteau, Oklahoma.  He was one of the cousins I knew as we would vacation in Oklahoma when I was growing up.  He was 66 and fought with his diabetes these last couple of years.  It continues to remind me that our time here on earth is short, and we must make the most of it for the Kingdom's sake.  God has been good to me and I want to honor him with all my time.

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