Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miracle of Heaven or Miracle of Healing

Tonight we went to visit a good friend in the hospital, by the name of David Zimmerman.  He has liver damage and has been in and out of the hospital several times this past year.  He is relatively young, with a wife and four kids (the oldest is fifteen, a 10-year old and 3-year old twins).  He and his family were in church this past Sunday.  On Monday, he was bleeding internally and the ambulance was called.  They did emergency surgery to remove some colon yesterday, but he took a turn for the worse and the wife was told to consider last things.

I was asked to come in and pray with him by his wife.  I prayed for healing, for a mighty miracle but I also prayed that we would be able to see God's will at work.  Whatever that may be, of course.  We placed everything in God's hands and left it there.  According to all the signs and doctor's prognosis, David was not supposed to make it through the night.  I wondered if I would receive a call in the middle of the night with painful news.

This afternoon we spoke with David's wife (Heather) and she said he was awake and conscious.  He squeezed her hand during a conversation.  We went and prayed with him tonight again, and in our talking at one point he raised his eyebrows up and down.  We continue to wait on God's plan to fully unfold in these next days.  There are times we see God's hand of healing in calling a person home to heaven or healing in the physical realm for all to see.  We wait now.

In this past Sunday's worship, we baptized four (three teenage boys and a young adult lady).  It was a wonderful time to see God's touch on these four individuals.  Monday was a fun day, as we watched grand-daughter Bailey for a few hours for Shawn and Crystal.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a very long day.  Up at 4:30 to be at work to unlock and open up the Census office by 6am.  Worked for 2 hours, then drove over to the VA hospital for them to look at my right foot, which had something imbedded.  Was there for several hours, seeing nurses and X-ray and podiatry.  They took a small piece of glass out of my foot!  It was painful but now is doing good.  While there, got the phone call about David Zimmerman and went directly to another hospital for that.  Took some McDonald's food to the Zimmerman kids and then back to the hospital.  Home for dinner, and then an hour with Pastor George (who is starting a church with us as mother church) as we talk and share and have a  time of mentoring.

Today was work and hospital visit again.

Tomorrow I go again to the doctor for a surgery procedure on my left big toe!  I will have the nail removed permanently as it is hard to take care of because of previous surgery many years ago.

That's it for tonight.

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