Saturday, July 31, 2010

Right Foot, Left Foot

Among the many occurences this past week, I had two separate foot procedures done.

One was on Tuesday.  On Monday, the ball of my right foot was extremely tender and gave me tremendous pain.  So, on Tuesday, I went to the doctor at the VA hospital for a same-day appointment.  I had to wait for a "slow" time for them to squeeze me in.  They checked out my foot, sent me to Xray and then the podiatrist.  They found a small piece of glass imbedded under the calloused part of my skin.  Fortunately, they did it without causing me to cry......ha ha.  Seriously, the doctor was very cautious and caused me no pain during the removal.

While talking to the doctor in podiatry, I mentioned that my left big toe continued to cause me some discomfort, due to the toenail growing in at an angle and growing quite thick (causing problems for clipping purposes).  During my college years, I had surgery on both feet for ingrown toenails and the ensuing problems that went with that issue.  The left big toenail grew in dysfunctionally!  Can that be?  Oh, yes.

Anyway, the doctor told me to come in on Thursday and they would remove the nail completely.  So, Thursday came and Sondra accomnpanied me to the hospital for the procedure.  Fortunately, the local anesthetic worked very well and I did not feel a thing.  I did not look, either, as it was being done.  The lady doctor pulled the nail off, just as if you would pull a tooth.  That's how she described it.  I must soak in Epsom salt for the next two weeks, but I can wear regular shoes.  So, it's done and over.

Our feet are really important things to take care of, that's for sure.

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