Monday, September 20, 2010

Running Around

Today is Monday and I will be going to a baseball game tonight at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  A man in the church got four tickets to the game and invited me to go along.  I haven't been to a major league game this year, so this promises to be a fun night.

This past week was different.  It was my first week off, after being laid off from the Census.  I really took some time to relax and rest.  This past year of working full-time for the Census and then added time for pastoral ministry took much out of me physically and emotionally.  I actually was looking forward to being laid off from my "day job."

Actually, I had several meetings this past week with church members concerning situations that had just recently developed and needed attention.  These times of ministry to those in the church who have issues and problems and troubles are so important.  The appointments I had could have had some sad endings, but it seemed like God really reached down and intervened to help heal some emotions and personality conflicts.  It was exciting to see harmony and healing first-hand as it happened when we all got together and shared our hearts.  I treasure the wonderful fellowship we have in our congregation and it was restored beautifully.

I have been working a little bit more on my book about Anger Management from the pastor's perspective.  I am trying to get it finished for self-publication quite soon.  It is amazing how many individuals I have talked to recently who have problems in the area of anger and are anxious for me to finish it as well.

Last Friday night, Sondra and I joined a couple of other people to go to the Route 66 Rendezvous, which is an anuual car rally and carnival time in downtown San Bernardino nearby.  It is always fun to see the old cars, especially those from the 1960s, as they drive the city streets that are blocked off for this special event.  We took Bailey with us and she had a great time, and even wanted to walk most of the way instead of ride in her stroller!

Saturday evening, Roger invited us over for a special dinner.  David and I went over, as Roger and his daughter Jennifer cooked some New Orleans dishes.  Roger cooked the jambalaya, and Jennifer cooked the gumbo.  We had a very nice evening with Roger and Julie and their kids.

Yesterday was another good day at church.  I preached on the subject of "praise" in comparison to the word "worship."  Worship is what we do inwardly, as we give honor and worth to the Lord.  Praise is the outward manifestation of that worship attitude towards a holy God.  Praise is the release of the emotions and thoughts and attitude, and it lends itself to the physical expression from within.  It cannot be contained when we have that deep and abiding relationship with a loving and redemptive Creator.

After church we went to Sizzler, with David and Alden with us, for their Sunday brunch.  So good!  Ate too much!  The rest of the day we watched a lot of sports and napped!

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