Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alden Has An Apartment Today

This has been a slow week, in many respects for me.  I have not had any emergency ministry needs, and I have had time to relax just a little bit.

The Census office in Riverside is set to close on September 24.  I will most likely work one more week, so my last day should be Friday, September 10.  I have made some very good friends in the office there, and they have promised to keep in touch.

On a different note, I called my mechanic who was looking at my Chrysler Sebring as it overheated again last week.  He cleaned out the radiator, but noticed a lot of white smoke coming out of the tailpipes after the engine warmed up.  Apparently, that is a sign that water or coolant is getting into the engine.  So, I must have a cracked head (on the car engine, that is.....ha ha).  I was told that I should not drive it because the engine might seize up at any moment if driven for too long.

So, I need another vehicle.  And, really, I am not devastated through any of this.  I have 280,000 miles on the car and I told Sondra that if it should "die" I have got my money's worth from it over the last 10 years. 

Now, the next step is to find a cheap car to get me to work and back in the meantime.  David (my brother) has been gracious enough to drive me or let me drive it to work for these past few days.

Last night (Wednesday), we went to dinner at the Olive Garden nearby.  We asked Terry and Linda Marcum (Shawn's parents), who are watching Bailey this week while Shawn and Crystal are in the Dominican Republic on vacation, to join us for the "all you can eat pasta" promotion at the restaurant.  There were seven total (me, Sondra, David, Alden, Terry, Linda and Bailey).  It was good food and a good time to be together for the evening.

Alden (Sondra's brother) was approved and got the key to his new apartment at the Senior Adult complex near downtown Rialto.  He is getting all his stuff ready to take over there.  This is a great step for him as he transitions to this area on his own.

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