Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun At The Rodeo

This past Friday evening was the first night of the annual San Bernardino County Sheriff's Rodeo in our area.  Last year we attended and had a wonderful time.

So, this year we were offered 47 free tickets for our church.  We passed them all out and planned a church fellowship time at the Rodeo!  We weren't there to preach or pass out tracts or anything connected with evangelism.  We simply needed a time to sit by each other and talk and watch the cowboy and cowgirl events.

What a treat!  It's always fun to go to a carnival-like atmosphere.  There were hot dogs and popcorn and funnel cakes and cotton candy and everything else you might want to eat at a county fair.  But, here we were at the rodeo and sharing a grand evening with friends and loved ones.

Sondra and I, along with David and Alden, set out for a night that promised to be a little on the hot side, weather-wise.  But it really was not too bad.  The events did not start until 8 pm so it was dark and cooling down.  The calf-roping, the bronc-riding, the barrel races and the bull riding were just as exciting as ever.  The clown did a magnificent job of entertainment during breaks.  The "One-Armed Bandit" from Oklahoma was spectacular as he had two trained buffalo to show off.  They climbed up a ramp onto the top of an enclosed long trailer pulled by a truck.  When the trainer and his horse climbed to the top with the buffalo, they all did several circular turns on the trailer!  It was incredible.  That was worth the whole rodeo show, all in itself.

Shawn and Crystal brought Bailey to her first rodeo and joined us as well.

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