Friday, October 1, 2010

Bailey Hill

It was a wonderful week as we were pleased to spend a few days with Bailey Hill, a deacon who was part of my father's church in Wasco, California, many years ago.  Also, he is the father-in-law to my brother, Noel, who married Janice.

Noel and Janice live in Springfield, Missouri.  Bailey Hill lives in Nixa, Missouri, about 10 miles away from Springfield.

Bailey's wife, Berthena, passed away last October.  He is now 84 years old and is taking time to spend time with relatives, friends and other loved ones.  He was out here in California for about a month.  He stayed with us a couple of those days this week.

On Tuesday afternoon, I picked him up in Bakersfield.  We drove to Rialto the back way, through Lancaster and Palmdale.  It was a very scenic route and we both enjoyed it.  That evening we went to Logan's Road House, one of those restaurants where you eat peanuts out of a bucket and throw the shells on the floor.  David and Evan and Callie joined us too.  In addition, we had little baby Bailey Marcum with us.

Wednesday we just spent a whole lot of time resting and talking and reminiscing.  In fact, that evening we stayed up almost until midnight just talking about the past and the life he (Bailey) had growing up.  I just found out he is the son of a preacher too!  He is so full of wisdom and fun, both at the same time.  I won't tell you the places we ate, as we only ate twice that day.....ha ha.  However, I do want you to ask Bailey about his coffee mug from the Red Hill Cafe and the waitress that served our table at breakfast!

On Wednesday morning we went out to IHOP to start the day, and then I took him to LAX to catch his flight back to Missouri.  It had been a relaxing and enjoyable couple of days with him.  He is such a good friend.

Here are a few pictures:
     L to R:  Roger, David, Bailey, Baby Bailey, Evan, Galen

Bailey Hill and Evan Greenwalt

David Greenwalt and Bailey Hill

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