Monday, October 18, 2010

Picnic On The Grounds (Literally)

I like to give a short report on Sunday's activities most of the time.  So, here's a little summary of yesterday.

It was drizzly and cold on Sunday morning.  We had an all-church picnic scheduled at a nearby park immediately following the morning worship hour as a part of of our Pastor Appreciation Month events.  But, due to weather conditions, we had to figure out a "Plan B" and go with it.  We talked quickly before church and decided to do an "indoor picnic" in the church sanctuary.

So, prior to worship, a bunch of volunteers helped break down tables in other rooms to bring into the sanctuary.  We put enough tables and chairs for worship and the fellowship time afterwards.  It was an interesting seating arrangement for the worship hour -- everyone sitting at tables facing the pulpit.  It really did not seem odd once we started the service!

During the worship hour, I took time for open sharing about God's goodness with opportunity for everyone to share any praise testimonies and reports.  It was awesome.  One testimony led to another and led to another and kept going.  It was a very special time again for everyone to see how God blesses in abundance.  I told them if they kept sharing in testimony, I would not have time to preach.....some clapping and laughter followed.....ha ha.  Seriously, it was good for all to share in how great our God is!

Then, after the service, we took a little time to get all the food and drinks set up in the nearby classrooms and kitchen area.  It was a ton of food that was brought, so there was no shortage there.  As we sat in the sanctuary eating, we even had some games of Charade.  It was like a "dinner show."  Great fun.  In addition, as weather permitted, we went outside for an old-fashioned Cake Walk, some Ring Toss games and six entrants in a Pie Eating Contest.  Also, there was a game in which everyone was to guess whose pictures were being shown, the photos being "baby pictures."  It was absolutely a wonderful time of laughter, fun and fellowship.

On a sad note, I got a text from the mechanic working on the Sebring and he said the engine really is dead.  That was last night.  We had put some money into getting it fixed and thought it would be ready.  So, that really set us back as to what we should do.  We don't have any money for another car right now, with the added fact that I am not working.  I just set any thoughts aside about what to do right now.

This morning, I got another text from the mechanic saying there may be a way to get the problems fixed for about another $500.  I need to talk to God about this, that's for sure.  I don't want to put good money out after bad money.  So, we will think and pray on this.  But, above all, God is faithful and I will not pout or stress or be downcast.  God is better than all that!

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