Monday, October 11, 2010

Pastor Appreciation Month

I sure like this month, especially when some in the church take it seriously about Pastor Appreciation Month!  Ha ha.

Yesterday, the congregation presented Appreciation Baskets to the pastor's wives of the church.  It contained specialty items that women enjoy.  Also, a gift certificate was included for them.  It was such a sweet gesture and very thoughtful.

After the worship hour, a special lunch had been planned for everyone to eat at the nearby Sizzler Restaurant.  Each person or family was to provide for their own meal, and that way they would be able to get exactly what they wanted to eat instead of a planned and limited meal for all.  It was designed to be a fellowship event, a time for everyone to have time for interaction with the pastors and families.  We had little Bailey with us, and that made it even more fun.  She is trying to talk so much, and she can actually put small sentences together to get her wants known!

We talked to Jason and Shelly and the grandkids this weekend.  Little Macyn is starting to have a whole lot more personality, and we can hear her in the background when talking to Shelly.  Jace called me yesterday, because he is a die-hard Oakland Raiders football fan (because of his dad Jason) and I am a die-hard San Diego Chargers fan.  Well, yesterday the Chargers played the Raiders in Oakland and the Raiders won.  Jace just had to call me and ask, "Well, how did you like the game?"  It was his way of letting me (his Papa G) know that I would be a little disappointed and he would be jumping up and down for joy!  I let him have his little bit of fun, because I know the Chargers will come back strong for the rest of the season.  Then, I will call Jace and say, "See, I told you!"  We have a lot of fun with this.

Last Friday, we left early in the afternoon to take Sondra's brother Alden to Bakersfield.  He rented a U-Haul type truck in Bakersfield to get the rest of his belongings out of storage to bring back here to his apartment -- bed, household items and all.  We spent the night at Danny and Marci's house (Sondra's brother and sis-in-law) in Bakersfield and had a good time relaxing with them on both Friday night and Saturday monrning.  We went to the Knotty Pine restaurant near the Meadows Field airport on Saturday morning and then to Andre's for lunch.  Also, we took time to go to Dewar's ice cream and candy shop for a "Black and White" ice cream dessert to eat there and some peanut butter taffy to bring home.

This morning was special.  The other day, David had promised to take Roger out somewhere to eat because Roger had been out of town last Thursday.  Last Thursday was October 7, which was Roger's birthday as he turned 49 years old.  He loves to let us know that he is the only sibling left who is under the age of 50!  We told him to enjoy it now, because this year will fly by and he will join the 50+ club (chuckle, chuckle).  So, we went to a Mexican restaurant which has good breakfast specials.  Roger was out of town last week, doing some deep sea fishing in Mexico so he had some stories to tell.  We had a good time being together.

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