Saturday, October 16, 2010

We Are Rejoicing

The word "rejoice" is not common in everyday language.  It is used sparingly, except in the context of church and spiritual life.  However, it is an important word and is quite useful and expressive of inward emotion - an emotion that equals joy and excitement and happiness all rolled into one.

We are rejoicing in our household.  Do you know what it means to be so happy you want to cry?  I am sure you do.  Well, that's how we are feeling today.

First, let me begin by sharing what happened some days ago.  On a Friday two weeks ago, my brother David came back from an appointment with his doctor at the VA hospital.  He had some tests run and the doctor somberly told him that the initial photos of his esophagus showed cancer.  We did not tell very many people as this takes time to absorb emotionally.  We did not know how far the cancer had progressed.  The hospital set an appointment for the very next Monday morning to talk about further tests and treatments that were available.  Something prevented David from that appointment and the nurses said the doctor would reschedule.  So, for two weeks the wait was prolonged.

Then, yesterday, exactly two weeks to the day, the hospital called.  David was informed that the final results of the biopsies taken show a "negative" result for cancer.  They will schedule another appointment, naturally, but he was given the clear sign for esophagus cancer!  What elation!  What peace!  What relief!  Indescribable.

In these last two weeks, we just left this in the hands of the Lord.  We could do nothing but wait.  How wonderful to wait on God's timing to reveal his great mercy and kindness at this juncture of David's life.  We "rejoice."

On a different note, I had a fun day yesterday.  I was invited by a man in the church (who is a commercial painter by profession) to an annual event held by Vista Paint company.  Each year the painters and paint contractors are invited to a celebration and fun day at the horse races.  We went to Hollywood Park near LAX and had a great time of eating and gathering free items from vendors and watching the horses run.  There were five of us from the church, and the fellowship we had was special.  As for betting, I bet $24 total on four races and my winnings amounted to $24.40.  Wow, my average was winning a dime each race.....ha ha.

This past Thursday morning, I was asked to give a devotional at Coronado Stone again.  As you know, I go there every so often and share a Biblical passage and how it applies to life.  An individual in management videotaped my message, as he is trying to develop a website to encourage other businessmen to use faith and testimony and encouragement as part of their business development.  So, I may be on the internet for businessmen soon.

I am taking much of today to rest and prepare for tomorrow at church.  We have a full day planned with worship in the morning and then a church-wide picnic afterwards.  It's part of our Pastor Appreciation month's activities.

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