Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Last Thursday I was invited once again to give the morning devotional at Coronado Stone manufacturing plant.  It is always a time of saying hello to those I have been associated with for almost 10 years now.  I enjoy sharing the Word of God with them, and they enjoy it as well.

On Friday, we had a Goodwill Drive set up at our church.  It was to raise funds for our general needs as this has been a tough year financially for the church.  Goodwill has a program for non-profits to bring in donations to fill up their trucks as a type of fund raiser.  We had promoted it, told everyone, put out signs in the area and trusted God.  On Friday, we had donations of all types that filled up two trucks and a portion of another one.  The Goodwill representative called to let us know they would be sending a check for over $4,000 in the next few weeks.  God is awesome!

This time of year is a time of remembrance and reflection for me.  It was just last year, specifically at this time, I was at the hospital day after day watching my friend Jim Murcray lose his battle to various health issues.  I talked last week with his widow, Patty, and we reminisced for a moment.  God has created us with a gift of memory to be reminded of great friends and wonderful times.  One of Jim's sons (Josh) lives close by, and he and his wife asked us (me and Sondra) over for dinner last Friday evening.  We had spent so much time with the family last year, and they wanted us to come over to talk and catch up on what's been happening in all our lives.  It was a precious time.

Saturday evening and night, we took care of grand-daughter Bailey.  She is so cute as she grows and becomes her "own little person."  Yes, she is beginning to become aware of her desires and is able to communicate them quite well, either by a smile and word attempts and hand signals or by other means (crying and throwing a tantrum.....ha ha).

Sunday was church, and I preached on "Trick or Treat."  The tricks of the great deceiver are many.  The treats (the actions and activities) of a holy God help us in living a redemptive life full of love and hope.  God shows us how to live, tells us we are forgiven, lets us know he is faithful, shares and imparts talents and gifts to us, and finally shows us how worthy we are in him through the sacrifice of his Son Jesus.  We either rebel or trust.  Those are our only two options with God.

Sunday night Sondra and I drove to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) to pick up Ken Edwards, a man in our church who was just arriving from a mission trip to China.  It was a magnificent time of listening to what God had done in his life personally, more that what was acccomplished in the actual work of the mission journey.

Monday, November 1, was the first day of going back to 24 Hour Fitness in many months.  I am so out of shape, and it felt good to work out.  My brother David came with me and Sondra, and he signed up to join the Fitness Center and got the special that was offered.  We hope to lose many pounds in these weeks to come!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was Election Day.  We voted at our usual polling place and watched the results on TV as they came in.  I am in no position to make any predictions or comments about the wins and losses of either party.  I am still convinced that what we need in this country is not a coming together of policies and political parties, but rather we need a heaven-sent revival of hearts and souls in America.  We need a RIOT (revival in our time)!

Yesterday afternoon Sondra and I went to visit an elderly lady in our church who is slowly slipping away during hospice care in the home.  This wonderful lady, Betty, has lived a full life and has repeatedly said she has been ready to meet Jesus for quite a while.  We talked to her and prayed with her, even though she gave no indication of recognition.  She will not be long with us in this temporal life.  We know God will bring her home to heaven soon.

Last night we had a birthday dinner for our good friend K. L. Freeman.  He turned 79 recently and does not get out much.  We had him and his wife over for a steak meal with baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad and homemade peach cobbler.  My, my, was that ever good!

Well, I needed to work out this morning after that!  We went to 24 Hour Fitness and worked hard to sweat.

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