Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bound for Oklahoma

This week has been crazy fun and busy.

Last Sunday, Mom was with us in church.  We went out to Marie Callendar's for lunch, and it was delicious.  We even bought two pies to take home for dessert - coconut cream and banana cream.  David could not decide which he wanted most, so we just decided to get both!  We have enjoyed watching the Lakers throughout the series, and Mom even watched it with us as she enjoys some sports too.

Sunday afternoon, David went with me to a tow yard, where a man in our church is an employee as a tow truck driver.  He allowed us to look at some cars that were to be auctioned off at a lien sale.  He test drove one and this last Monday morning, David drove off in a 1994 VW Passat at a bargain price.  He got the car for $1000 and had it registered by the middle of the week.

Alden is getting ready to get a truck driving job and has put in his application with a friend in the church, who works for a trucking company.  He just recently puchased a notebook computer and is real happy with that.

Sondra has been doing some spring (summer) cleaning around the house, as she is off-track from her tutoring position in the school district.

My job at the Census Bureau has been quite hectic lately, as we are finishing up with one of the main operations of the census this week.  Again, it is quite tiring with the schedule, but it has its bright moments as we work together.

Sondra and I leave tomorrow (Friday) for Oklahoma.  Mom will be riding back with us as well.  We rented a Nissan from Hertz for the trip, so we can have peace of mind (with no breakdowns) and good gas mileage too.  We are looking forward to being with Jason and Shelly (and our two grandkids back there - Jace and Kylee).  The new grandbaby is scheduled to be born (C-section) on this coming Monday, June 21.  We can't wait to see whether it will be a boy or girl, as they have not wanted to find out ahead of time.  What a wonderful time we are looking forward to.

I don't know if I will have time to write any blogs while there, but we will see.  I will have pictures for you, that's for sure!

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