Saturday, June 5, 2010

Exciting Day

Yesterday, my brother David got out of federal custody. It was a day of celebration. David's wife, Meche, flew in from Mexico on Thursday evening, and we picked her up at LAX. Yesterday (Friday morning), we went to the Kick Back Jack's Restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga for breakfast. Sondra and Meche picked David up at 7 am as he was released from the Rubidoux Re-entry House. I was working (from 3am - 7:30am) and met them all at the restaurant. Evan, Crystal and baby Bailey were part of this gathering. My brother Roger was also able to be there for a shared time of joy and food.

After some time at home, I took them to the Marriott Hotel by the Ontario Airport to check in for their 2-day stay there. It will give them a nice time to be together alone with privacy, and a time to enjoy a beautiful hotel. After they checked in, all of us went over to Shawn and Crystal's house for a BBQ. The ribeye steaks were awesome. After dinner, I dropped them off at the hotel.

Last Tuesday, David went for a second interview at Coronado Stone manufacturing plant in Fontana. We will see what works out for employment there. Thursday he took his behind-the-wheel driving test and passed! He is now a licensed driver again in California.

Yesterday was a good day!

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