Sunday, June 13, 2010

Early Morning Hour

It's almost 4 am.  I am up early in preparation for this wonderful day.  It promises to be a fine Sunday morning.

I have not added any news or events this past week due to busy days with family and work.  It has been a whirlwind of a week.  Meche (David's wife) arrived and was here but a week.  She is still working at the University in Tuxtla-Gutierrez (capital city) in Chiapas, Mexico, and therefore could not take more time off.  But, it was a sweet and precious week for David and Meche together.  It did not take long for the tentativeness of the years of being apart to be reworked into a time of sharing and happiness.

We took them on an evening drive to Mt. Baldy nearby.  Went to Coldstone for ice cream one night.  Last Sunday they were in church with us, and that was a very special time.  Our church is friendly and gave them a warm welcome.  After church, we went to Cal Baptist for the buffet brunch in the cafeteria.  Family and friends joined us - Roger and Julie, David and Charity (and kids), Alicia and Michael, Kirk, with church members Ken and Beifei Edwards as well.  After coming home, Steve Greenwalt met us with his new big rig truck and got to see David and Meche too.  It was a busy day indeed.  Quite a reunion of sorts.

The rest of the week just flew by, with me working and all.  Took David to get car insurance, as he is planning to get a vehicle real soon.  He and Meche opened a bank account nearby, one which she can access at her bank in Mexico.

Late last Tuesday evening, mom flew in from Oklahoma.  So, we had another family gathering of sorts on Wednesday night.  John and Cathy came into town, David and Charity with kids, Alicia, and Roger and Julie.  We had gone to Lotus Garden for a fine dinner of Chinese food.

David had his first In-and-Out Burger.  Went to The Hat with mom and Sondra and me for a hot pastrami sandwich and chili-cheese-fries and onion rings.  We have eaten well, enjoyed company and relatives and friends, and have taken advantage of time to the fullest.  It was hard to say good-bye to Meche as she left early Thursday morning, boarding a flight at LAX bound for Mexico.  But it was a good week, indeed.

Mom is staying at Roger and Julie's house for the time she is here.  David is using one of their cars to get around right now (as Roger and Julie are gone on vacation for a week).  This gives him an opportunity to go over and have breakfast with mom each day now.

We are a busy bunch right now.

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