Sunday, June 27, 2010

End of Trip

How fast time goes by.  Last Monday we were so thrilled and excited about a new grandbaby, a little girl named Macyn!

Since then, it's kind of a blur.  So much going on.  We took Jace and Kylee to the movies again on Wednesday to keep them busy that day.  Jace wanted to see The A-Team, so I took him to watch that.  Kylee wanted to see Toy Story 3, so Sondra went to that one.  We met up together afterwards.  We had Braum's ice cream as a final treat that day.

Each day brought new smiles with the new baby.  Jace and Kylee are so cute to watch.  They take turns holding Macyn and are so careful and loving.  What a precious sight.  Jason stayed at the hospital day and night with Shelly, as there was an empty bed in the room.  Thursday, Shelly came home.  Exhausted.  Both of them.  Very little sleep!

On Friday, my brother Noel and his wife (Janice) and son Mark came to town, staying at the La Quinta nearby.  My cousin from Springfield, Illinois, George Godfrey, and his wife Pat came and stayed at mom's house.  Friday night we all went to an Italian restaurant in Tecumseh, owned and run by church members there in town.  Fifteen of us in all, and it was quite fun and entertaining with conversations and picture-taking and all.  Afterwards, we went to the home of my sister Marti and husband Bill for a pre-birthday celebration for Mark who turns 28 on July 4.  We can't all be there that weekend, so we celebrate early for him.

Late Friday night, Sondra and I talked at length with little Kylee (7 1/2 years old), who had been asking questions all week about what it meant to be a Christian.  It is quite interesting to put into words for a youngster the masterpiece of love that God has for us in Jesus.  After much discussion and talk, she pronounced that she wanted to be a Christian.  She prayed a simple prayer of faith asking Jesus to be Lord and Savior of her life.  What an awesome moment.  Tears in our eyes, joy in our hearts and a song to be sung through the ages.  That was our final night in Shawnee, and it was the best!

Saturday morning we left and met a good friend, Patty Murcray, in Oklahoma City for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel restaurant there.  Patty's husband, Jim, was my best friend since college days, and he died this past December.  Patty has since moved to Oklahoma.  We had a blessed time with her.

We drove the rest of the day and finally made it to a hotel in Gallup, New Mexico.  This morning, we got up and finished our trip home, arriving in the Rialto area about 3:30 pm.  Went to Crystal and Shawn's to pick up grand-daughter Bailey for a few hours with her.  Took her to the Islamadora Fish Restaurant, connected with the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga there.  My brother David and Sondra's brother Alden came with us.  We all had fish and chips, sweet tea, calimari (squid) appetizers and some samples of fried alligator.  What a treat to end our trip.  I will post more pictures later.

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