Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome to Macyn Dawn Greenwalt

It is Tuesday evening already.

We drove all Friday late afternoon until midnight, with mom riding back to Oklahoma with us.  Stopped in Winslow, Arizona, and spent the (short) night there in a hotel.  Drove all day Saturday and arrived in Shawnee about 1 am and spent the night at mom's house.  Got up and went to church, where I taught mom's Sunday School class of Senior Citizen ladies over the age of 70.  I teach this class each time I come to Shawnee, and we always have a great time of sharing together through God's Word.

Sunday afternoon, we went out to Dale (close by) and watched our grandson Jace play baseball.  His team was in a tournament all weekend.  They won one game on Sunday, lost the second, and came in third place for  the tournament.  It was hot, but there was shade and a breeze which helped tremendously.  This was our daughter-in-law's last day before the baby!

We then spent Sunday night at Jason and Shelly's house, and watched the grandkids (Jace and Kylee) that next morning and got up in time to arrive at the hospital in time for the birth of a new sibling.  Jason took Shelly early to check in and be ready for the surgery room for C-section birth.  It was a fun time of waiting with so many relatives there, and at 10:21 am a little baby girl was born.  They had thought they would name the baby "Hayden" if it was a girl, but at the last minute changed it.  They settled on "Macyn Dawn Greenwalt" with the first name pronounced just like "Mason," and Shelly said she will probably end up calling the baby Macy for short!

Little Macyn wasn't so little, as she weighed in at 9 lbs 8 oz.  She is a cute thing with chubby cheeks right now, and some very dark hair to start with.

Yesterday afternoon, we took Jace and Kylee to see "Karate Kid" and it was a fun outing with them.  Went to Denny's late last night after going back to the hospital to see baby sister and parents.  Got up late today and went over see baby again, then to Wal-Mart and such places, and then had dinner with my sister Marti and her husband Bill in Tecumseh, just a few miles away.  It was a relaxing time and we enjoyed the visit.

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