Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back Home Again

The trip to Oklahoma was a series of ups and downs for Noel's heart health issue.

The doctors put him on some new prescriptions and therefore they needed some time for it to show its effect.  Noel went in for more blood tests this past Monday.  Now, as of yesterday (Friday), he is back in Shawnee to wait for his next appointments, and then the doctors will talk about any upcoming procedures they will do.  So, it is probably another several weeks before any procedure is done.  Therefore, it is simply a time of patience and hopeful expectations for these days ahead.

Sondra and I spent much time at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital that week.  Noel continued to have daily episodes of extreme pain with his problem.  After his discharge, we took him back to Springfield, Missouri, and Sondra and I stayed there for several days.  In fact, at Noel's pastor's invitation, I preached in the morning worship service there in Springfield.

We went back to Shawnee, spent time with mom and Jason's family, and then we headed home this past Thursday morning.  We got up and left at 5:45 am (Oklahoma time) and drove straight without stopping (except for gas, bathroom breaks and fast food to go).  It took us a little over 20 hours driving time, so we arrived in our driveway a little after midnight (Thursday night).  Yes, we were very tired, but we were very glad to be home as well.

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