Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Off to England

This is a quick blog as we prepare to leave very early tomorrow morning (Wednesday, August 31).  In the photo below, you will see the four of us who will be sharing in some churches in the U.K.  We will be speaking in churches in the town of Guildford, about an hour outside of London.  We will also go to Oxford University, tour in the area where C.S. Lewis wrote his famous books, and then we will also see the sights of Cotswold where there are some ancient Roman ruins.

The four of us are.....Galen and Sondra Greenwalt, Ken and Beifei Edwards.

There will be many pictures that I will share when we return.

Two other important notes:

(1)  Sondra and I went over to Kirk's house last night to visit my sister Marti, who arrived earlier in the day from Oklahoma.  She will be out here a week to help Kirk and Tamra as the baby is still in the hospital.  Little Ezekiel continues to improve slowly with his lungs and breathing.

(2)  My brother Noel will have his ablation procedure done tomorrow morning at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.  This is being done to help with his heart issues.

Join us as we pray for Noel and Ezekiel in the healing of their bodies!

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