Monday, August 22, 2011

Boring Is Nice

The past few days have been quiet and calm.  That can be very nice, after some days of actiivity filled with concern.  I just rested for several days and and been feeling fine.  My blood pressure is normal, and I have been trying to work out daily.  I am walking a couple of miles each morning while it is cool.

Yesterday was a good Sunday again.  I was shown much love as I greeted those who attended prior to the worship service.  It is a good feeling to know people care deeply.  The worship started off with a prayer for our praise and worship leader, who did not show up and had not called to let us know he wouldn't be there.  After the service, I called and he was just finishing up from his work as a cement truck driver.  His truck had slipped about 10 feet over the side of a mountain near Big Bear and he had no phone service up there for some time.  I told him we had prayed for him, and he was so grateful.

In God's provision of those he brings our way, we have a back-up person who is ready at a moment's notice to help with leading music.  God is amazing as he brings individuals to serve who have special talents and abilities as well as a willingness to step in when needed.  My sermon for the day was about Abraham and his intended deception as he and his wife Sarah entered the land of Egypt and the reigning Pharaoh.  His lie brought plagues and unintended consequences.  God's grace and intervention showed God's sovereingty.  My message pointed out the predicaments we may face as ones we cause by lying, by broken trust and by disobedience.  One quote I used was by another preacher who said, "Instant obedience ot God's plan is real obedience.  Delayed obedience is disobedience."

After church, we had little Bailey and ate a light lunch.  Crystal and Shawn had asked us to meet them for an early dinner a little before 5 pm.  Shawn has been laid off from his joy, and Crystal had just worked her last day before taking maternity leave.  We talked about how life has many changes along the way.

They told us they had just found out that Kirk and Tamra (Marti's son and daughter-in-law) had just had their baby early Sunday morning.  What excxitement!  They named the baby boy Ezekiel Zion Overstreet.  We are certainly happy for them and hope to go by to see the baby sometime today.

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