Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exciting News

I have been in conversation with an individual who has invited me and Sondra to be a part of a mission trip to the UK, specifically the Surrey area of England.  I did not share this with anyone for several weeks because I was not sure it would come to fruition.  Now, all the plans are in place, with airline tickets and most of the schedule in place.  I will be preaching and sharing in various churches in the town of Guildford, which is the home of the University of Surrey.  We will also be spending some time in Oxford, as well as the countryside of Cotswold where there are many ruins from the early days of Roman rule many centuries ago.

God has provided all the finances for this 12-day trip.  We will leave on August 31 and return on September 12.  We will be staying much of the time with a Christian couple who has been actively involved in mission work around the world.  Another couple will be part of this as well.  Ken and Beifei Edwards, the couple who will travel with us, are a part of our church and actually were part of a mission trip to China last year.  Beifei is origianally from Beijing.

On another note, today is my mother's birthday, August 16.  She is 88 years old today.  She is doing well and will be having a stir-fry dinner this evening at my sister's house (Marti and Bill Roberts).  Naturally, Noel and Mark are invited as well as they are staying in Shawnee for a couple of weeks.

I am getting caught up on some church errands this week, as we have just returned from our trip to Oklahoma and Missouri.  This past Saturday, some church members held a Yard Sale at the church to help raise funds for our mission efforts in both Mexico and the Homeless Feeding.  At the Yard Sale, a lady who attends our church was helping and approached me about being baptized.  She was insistent that I baptize her the next day (Sunday).  I was thrilled, and we got everything set for the baptism.  Sunday was a wonderful day of joy and fellowship, and this woman (Rosie) came up out of the baptismal water and gave me a big hug......and therefore my shirt of wet for the rest of the service.  Everyone chuckled and we had a good laugh.  We have great fun as we worship and praise our wonderful Lord.

I have been trying to walk several miles each day in preparation for our trip later on.  I have lost some weight but need to lose much more in the months ahead.  So, it's one step at a time!

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