Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Nissan Is Back

Friday we got our car back!  The auto body shop called and said our Nissan was fixed and ready.  After work, we ran over and picked it up.  They did a good job, as it looks brand new again.

That afternoon at work, three of us clerks in the Census office were taken to lunch by our immediate supervisor and the office manager (head boss).  It was a show of appreciation and affirmation.  God's shows us his love in many ways in our daily lives.

After work Friday, I rushed over to the memorial service for Howard's wife here in Rialto.  He was pleased that I came and took me around to all his family members and friends and introduced me as his pastor from work (Coronado Stone manufacturing plant).  What we do and how we show our support does make a difference.

Yesterday (Saturday) was an awesome day.

The celebration service for the fourth-year anniversary of our ministry to the homeless at Fairmount Park was wonderful.  Several ministries came to support and encourage us by participating with their presence and by bringing extra food.  The feeding of the homeless each Thursday has brought attention to the plight of so many that are hurting and seeking help.  The Christian Motorcycle Association (bikers who love Jesus) had quite a few members come and share.  The local association came to support with their love.  Set Free ministries were scheduled to come.  Pastor Mike Yeamans (our former Praise Leader and Associate Pastor now serving at the La Sierra Baptist Church in Riverside as senior pastor) came and played his guitar and led us in singing.  I gave a 5-minute message from God's Word, reminding all of us that God has created us for three things:  love, purpose and hope (that eternal promise).  Five came forward to pray with me when I gave a short invitation there under the trees at the park!

Then, at 3 pm we held a memorial service for David Zimmerman.  His life was short, but he impacted many around him.  The church was packed full with standing room only.  The day was hot, and our church air conditioner cannot handle that many people, with the front door open for more attenders as they arrived and the temperature reading at over 100 degrees.  But God's Spirit was there.  David made some very poor choices as a young man, as far as drinking and drugs.  It damaged his body beyond repair.  His past life caught up with him.  However, about four years ago, Sondra and I were invited over to have dinner and talk with David and wife Heather.  We were in discussion about their upcoming wedding plans.  Included in that discussion was a time of sharing God's great love for salvation and eternal life.  Both David and Heather prayed to receive Jesus that night.  So, David has been a changed man these last years of his life.  He loved others immensely and was loved by others immensely.  His life was short, but I told those at the funeral time that life is not measured in years, it is measured in relationships built in our lifetime.  We leave behind a legacy.  I challenged everyone to consider what their legacy will be when they lay this mortal body down and breathe their last breath.

Last night, we went over to Shawn and Crystal's to sit by the swimming pool and play with Bailey. Crystal was working out with a TV video and Shawn was working on a paper for his college class. It was a restful time to end the day.

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