Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sunday evening, I received a phone call from a lady (Diane Emfinger) who had been a member of my father's church in New Cuyama, California, almost 30 years ago.  She has a friend in the Inland Empire area (in which I live) whose mother passed away and needed a pastor to officiate at the memorial service.  I readily agreed, as this is a very important ministry to those who are hurting and feeling great sorrow.  Monday evening, I called to get information about the family and spend time in getting to know more about the mother who had passed away.

On Monday night, I also attended a dramatic presentation (Heaven's Gate and Hell's Flames) at my brother Roger's church in Fontana.  It is a very intense and moving portrayal of those who have been too busy or too stubborn to ask Jesus Christ into their lives for forgiveness of sin and eternal salvation.  David was going so I hopped in his car and went.  Many decisions for the Lord were made during each of the nights of the presentation.

On Tuesday, I took off from work at noon to be ready for the funeral service in Riverside for Diane's friend.  It was a time of celebration for a lady who had lived 89 years, was married for 62 years and had many friends and loved ones.  What a tribute to a life well lived.

Yesterday, after work, I went immediately to a home of a friend (Ray) here in Rialto.  He had called me a few days ago about a lady with three children who had just moved into a house nearby.  At night, this single mom and three girls were experiencing some strange occurences and wanted prayer for the house.  In short, they were asking for someone to come and cast the demons from the home.  This is not something that happens often to me in my ministry, but I do not shy away from it.  I took some anointing oil, prayed in every room, took special time to pray over the 14-year old girl who was fearful because of the things she was seeing at night in her room, and then blessed the home.  It was a joy to see the relief and joy that filled the entire family after praying and spending time with them.  It is too personal to tell all that happened, but I was blessed to see God's power in action.

Today, I go to the doctor for my six-month checkup.  Tonight, I again meet for Bible study at the Ladies' Sober Living House near the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside.

Tomorrow, a memorial service is being held for the wife of one of my Coronado Stone company's employees (Howard).  I talked with him at length, and he is staying strong in the Lord through this.  She was in her late 30s in age.

I met with the wife of the man we prayed for some time back (David Zimmerman) who passed away.  The memorial service is this Saturday afternoon at our church.

It is wonderful to see the difference in those who are going through the "valley of death" with the grace of God.  I do want to face the trials of life without my Savior by my side.

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