Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I was totally exhausted yesterday afternoon.

Saturday was a full day of errands and ministry.  David and I went over to look at used lawnmowers early in the morning.  Following that, we went to breakfast at a diner in Fontana named Red Hill Cafe.  The portions are huge and it was a real "power breakfast" indeed.  We split our food, as David ordered a Denver Omelet with hash browns and biscuits & gravy, while I ordered an egg with sausage and pancakes.  The pancakes dropped over the side of a large plate!  We could not finish it all, but we tried.

After that, I went to the hospital to visit the truck driver church member.  He now has a blood clot in his upper right thigh.  No surgery can be done, as he just had partial lung removal just some few days ago and his body has not healed enough from that.  This man (Michael) is 53 years old, in great pain but still trusts that God is in control.  He wept and we prayed.

In the early afternoon, I drove to Redlands to meet a man who is a friend and had requested a letter of reference for some legal proceedings he is facing.  He lives in Yucaipa and we had a short chat to catch up on family news and such.

I then drove to a check cashing establishment to use their Western Union to send money to our missionary friend in the Philippines.  This business does not have Western Union anymore, so I was told where I could find one.  A lady overheard and was needing Western Union as well.  She asked for a ride, and I told her yes.  She was a middle-aged black lady with teenage girls who has hit on rough financial times.  I took her home after the Western Union, all the while talking of my work as pastor and her past as a PK (preacher's kid).  We laughed and talked about upbringing in a pastor's home.  It was one of those wonderful "serendipity" moments of life.  I gave her my card and asked her if she might be willing to open up her home for a Bible study in the future.

Saturday evening was special.  On Friday we received a call that Crystal's dog (Boomer) was missing from the back yard.  It is a small Yorkshire terrier that she bought in Oklahoma the week of their wedding there.  It has been a great companion for our little grand-daughter Bailey.  They passed out some posters and flyers Friday evening.  I offered myself, Sondra, David and Alden to go out Saturday evening to pass out flyers door-to-door.  At 6 pm, we started out on foot doing exactly that.  About 45 minutes later, Crystal called and said Boomer had been found.  Someone called their number, and they rushed over to get their lost pet (about two miles away down a very busy street).  It was an answer to prayer.  What a reunion and what relief!  It's amazing that God gives us joy in such ways as this.  We went to dinner at an all-you-can-eat Mexican restaurant to celebrate.

Sunday was a busy day.  We had a representative from the Gideon ministry come and share.  What a testimony.  I will share more later.

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