Saturday, August 14, 2010

Possibility of Two More Weeks

Well, Sondra's prayers about my job keep getting answered.  When I started working for the Census back in January, we were all told that the job is part-time and seasonal and short-term.  For many of the employees doing the field work, that was true.  Many worked only about six weeks.  However, I work in the office and have had the opportunity to continue on as follow-up operations are scheduled.  The fact that I am one of the ten remaining workers in the office is an answer to prayer, during these economic times.  A work schedule was just released yesterday, and we are working for the next two weeks on projects and wrap-up activities.  Of course, this is all subject to change according to workload and dictates from higher places!

For the prayer requests, the young lady with seizures has had medication changes and is doing better.  The young girl that was hospitalized had viral meningitis and is home now...she was at church Wednesday night and looked the picture of health and was running around like nothing had happened.  The older lady is still confined to her bed and still has a wonderful disposition in spite of it.  The truck driver was released from the hospital but is back again for some problems related to his lung surgery.

A man who assists in ministry in our church, just recently married at the beach by me a couple of weeks ago (Jim Lunak) just got laid off yesterday.  Last Saturday, we attended a minister's meeting and were reminded that there are three major ways that we are attacked by Satan to derail us in ministry - family, finances and health.  It reminds us further that we are in spiritual warfare and must continue to fight the battle, no matter the circumstances we face.  Faith is paramount!

Thursday, I got a call at work around noon.  Sondra was shaken and almost in tears, as she had just been in a "fender bender" accident nearby.  A car coming from the other direction turned left in front of her and they "kissed" bumpers together.  The front left headlight and bumper were damaged, and we took it immediately to a body repair shop (after calling our insurance company) and rented a car for the interim.  It was a long day, so we decided to go out instead of cooking dinner.  David and Alden had talked about it, and the consensus was to go to Hometown Buffet.  A wise choice, indeed.  It was relaxing and good.

Last night, we went to a Mexican restaurant here in Rialto called Cuca's and had grand-daughter Bailey with us.  She had rice and beans all over the floor and table when we left!  But she is so cute when she does it.....ha ha.  It really wasn't that bad, but she is fun to watch when she tries to feed herself.  Crystal called in tears that evening.  Apparently, someone opened the back gate or stole their little dog, Boomer.  They drove around looking for him, and Shawn will pass out flyers to see if someone found Boomer.  They got Boomer the week they were in Oklahoma after their wedding.  We trust that Boomer comes home somehow.

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