Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

On Monday afternoon, I was able to get an appointment to see my primary physician at the VA Loma Linda hospital.  My right ankle was extremely swollen and I was told by the advice nurse by phone to come in.  At the hospital, I was instructed to get an ultrasound on my right leg to check for a blod clot.  They did the procedure and found no clot!  However, the doctor doubled my dosage of lasix (water pills) to flush excess fluid from my system.  Oh, well.

Yesterday (Tuesday), Sondra and I drove down to visit a wonderful lady who has been a part of the life of our church since our inception 10 years ago.  She lives in San Clemente, and has a daughter (and son-in-law and grandkids) who live close to our church.  This lady (Rilla) visited our church and told her daughter about us.  It has been a great relationship over the years.  Rilla comes up often to visit her family and our church.  Now, sadly, Rilla is in the hospital in Irvine and may not have too much more time on this earth.  So, we took the daughter and two grand-daughters with us for the visit.  They were going to go, so we just all piled into our car for a special time together for this trip down to Orange County.  It was a meaningful time.

My friend, Pastor George Nelson, who has started a new church plant in the Los Angeles area of Chatsworth, called and told me one of his first members at the assisted living home just passed away.  George has never held a memorial service and I am meeting him this morning at breakfast to talk about funerals and memorial services.  It is a blessing for me to be able to help others in their growth as ministers and servants of the Lord.  I feel honored.

Tomorrow (Thursday) morning, I have been asked to lead a morning devotion again at Coronado Stone in Fontana.  I was told that several who have led the devotional times in the past days have used my series on End Times as a springboard for their time of sharing.  These are special times to note and see what the future holds.  As I used to sing a song years ago in church:  "I don't know about tomorrow.....but I know who holds my hand."  It's Jesus who has me in His grip, and that's all I need to know.

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